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Roseann Gengaro Memorial Scholarship


The Roseann Gengaro Memorial Fund was established in 2020 to honor and remember the life of Roseann Gengaro. Roseann was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014, and colon cancer in 2018.  Roseann passed on July 9th, 2020.  Her memory will live on in all of our hearts forever.  Roe was a mother, sister, friend and she will forever be remembered for her humor, smile, positive attitude even in the face of adversity.

Roseann has 2 beautiful children, a daughter Ann Marie and a son Nicholas. She drove a school bus in her local community. She was very much involved with making a difference. Always started each and every day with a heart filled with kindness, compassion and gratitude for all her gifts in this life.

Roseann was born and raised in the Bronx , New York.  Roe had a passion to provide help for those diagnosed with breast cancer in her community. Education played an important role in her life.

The Roseann Gengaro Memorial Scholarship Fund has been created in memory of Roseann, so her memory will live forever. This scholarship will help provide financial assistance for a student whose family member or they themselves are battling  breast cancer. These funds will be used to pay for  the students college education.

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