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Spread the News, this will be our Final Breast Cancer Walk 2023

Sunday, October 1, 2023, Dutchess County Rail Trail

Cancer won't rest, so we don't either!

Sign up today and join us for our final breast cancer walk this October.

Yes, it is our last walk! It is with careful consideration that we at BGBCF have decided this year is our last breast cancer walk. Please, do not be sad, we are very excited as we have many more new and exciting events and fundraiser announcements coming your way this fall!

Join us for one last final walk to honor, support and admire all women and men in our community who are going through a breast cancer diagnosis.

Come on out walk, run & cheer on our sisters, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, and our entire community.

Breast Cancer doesn't take a vacation and neither do we!

Every 29 seconds a woman is diagnosed with

Breast Cancer

This is just the beginning of our next chapter......

Together We are Crushing Breast Cancer

Strength comes in numbers! Register today as a solo walker, as a team. When you register, "No one fights alone!"

"No One Walks Alone!"

We ask that you Please take 30 seconds out of your day today to click our link and sign up for our Final Breast Cancer Walk. Thank you for your continued support of the Brielle Grace Breast Cancer Foundation. On behalf of all our families, friends, and loved ones who are diagnosed with Breast Cancer, we will NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!

Register Here:

Have a wonderful safe summer. we will see you in the Fall, October 1, 2023, for our Final Breast Cancer Walk.

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