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Two'sday 2-22-2022

Today, a day we will never see again in our lifetime! February 22, 2022, better known as 2/22/2022!

In honor, of this day wouldn't it be a wonderful day for us all to give the gift of $22.22 or to make a donation in increments of 2's? Oh, how wonderful it would be.

After all doesn't everyone deserve the BEST quality of breast health care? Your gift will help fund research. You are a part of helping to ensure all men and women have access to the health care they need and deserve.

Today- on 2/22/2022 together let's help others so we all may celebrate more birthdays, more togetherness, and one day see a world without Breast Cancer!

Make your donation in honor of 2/22/2022

Register for our walk today only for $22.22 use Code - SAVE2

Wishing you all good health and blessings, sending you love and gratitude.

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