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Do you know your History?

The more you know about your family's history for the risk of Breast Cancer can help save your life as well as the life of a loved one.

Dawn Fortis -was raised by her father. Breast cancer was not something discussed in her household, ESPECIALLY a girl being raised by her dad! This was not talked about.

Dawn's breast cancer diagnosis came as shock to her. NO one in her family had ever been diagnosed. NO one ever discussed CANCER let alone BREAST CANCER!

When diagnosed, she went for genetic testing. The tests showed Dawn had the BRCA2 gene mutation. This meant her chances of breast cancers increased by 99.9% and a chance to get other cancers increased. Dawn did get other cancers. She was diagnosed with Colon Cancer.

This is Dawn and her son. She knows the importance of educating her family and having them all get tested for the gene mutation.

Dawn's son has a higher probability of testing positive for breast cancer. Although many of us think this is a woman's disease when you carry the BRCA2 gene chances are increased.

Dawn knows the importance of speaking to all of her family about her history and getting tested. She no longer spends her days worrying because she and her family know getting tested is a priority. Dawn has daughters, grandaughters & a grandson. Education is of the utmost importance.

She couldn't imagine a day without smiles. The question is, could you? Dawn encourages her family and everyone to discuss the importance of the risks of breast cancer with their physicians.

She works closely with Lisa, the nurse at the Breast Center in Poughkeepsie, NY. Understanding there is nothing easy about being diagnosed, but having the knowledge on educating herself, her family, and others is their priority.

If you would like to help so we may continue helping MEN and WOMEN in our community, please register

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