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I am Home!-8 Year Thriver

I am HOME! – My Breast Cancer Journey

This is is my 8-year Cancerversary! Eight years ago on August 14, 2014, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. This is me 8 years ago after my first few rounds with chemo. Throughout my journey I struggled with many things. It might sound strange, but I struggle to this day with the word SURVIVOR! I much prefer "Thriver!” After all I have learned to keep thriving every day! I don’t want to just survive!

It has taken me some time to be comfortable with myself, as a woman. For eight years I have felt like a visitor in my own body. At 44 years old I was forced into Medical Menopause. This is a surgical menopause which is usually a result of treatment for a health condition such as cancer. This happens much faster than natural menopause. Speaking from a personal perspective, for me the worst of the symptoms were the mood swings, weight gain and the loss of having any sex drive. My symptoms were extremely severe!

For 8 years I have felt like I wasn’t home! (Home meaning in my own body!) I have grown and learned so much. I still have a lot more to learn. I look forward to continue growing as a thriver, a woman and an advocate. It has taken me time, to learn that growing and healing are not just of the physical aspect. I absolutely had a lot of healing that I had to go through mentally. The healing process is daily. I love being able to help other women thrive who are going through a breast cancer diagnosis.

YES! Like I mentioned it has been 8 years that I’ve felt like a stranger in my own body. Four days ago, something miraculous happened! After surgery on my breasts, on my drive home it dawned on me to look at my breasts! I peeked inside of my shirt and I cried; I mean we are talking that hard can’t breathe kind of cry! I was home! I finally took a real breath and said to myself…

“I am back in my own body, I FINALLY MADE IT BACK HOME!”

These words have helped me on my healing part of this journey are:





As simple as these words might seem, they were a BIG struggle for me.

I did learn, mindset does matter. Always remember that the sun does find its way back from the darkness. The warmth of the sun will consume you with LOVE.

Respect your decision, it is your decision and yours alone. Whatever your decision is, do not question it! This is the right decision for you, no one else can take that away especially CANCER!

TRUST in doing something you love; every morning is a new day that has purpose.

I do a lot more reading these days and I came across this, I felt it call out to me and now I will share in the hopes that it will call out to you….

“To the girl that is newly diagnosed and terrified… I was there too. Life is insane with so many ups and downs, but DON’T give up hope that you will be standing here years later celebrating just how far you have come!”


“Know you are loved, end everyday like the miracle it is…”

Be a part of letting someone know they are loved. We always give our love, support, hope, and strength. Please click the link below, donate today together we continue to THRIVE!

Sending my love and gratitude

Be well,


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Tina Olney
Tina Olney
13 ago 2022

You are my inspiration! I am blessed to call you my friend. Love and abundant hugs, Moi!

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