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Read Dawn's story-7 Year Cancer Free Celebration

Happy 7 Years Breast Cancer Free to ME!

7 years ago, today I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

I made promises to keep myself in a better place emotionally, mentally and physically. Self-care for my wellbeing is my number one priority. This is one of the most important parts of the healing journey in my life. I continue to encourage myself to keep doing my best and to not get discouraged.

I cannot always PREPARE myself for everything.

Somedays, well if I am being honest MANY days, my hormones get the best of me! My mood swings can tend to be all over the place. One minute I am extremely happy, smiling & joking. The next minute, in just one split second I am crying, yelling and screaming. Of course, this is all being triggered because of everyone else; it couldn’t possibly be me! Ha! Ha!

My sensitivity! Ahh one of my favorites. I get so many people’s different perspective of telling me why I need to stop being so sensitive. I was taught to believe this was a weakness. I can’t even begin to tell you how hard this word, SENSITIVITY has made me feel weak. I became this person who just cried. It made me feel like people thought less of me because I was overly emotionally sensitive. In fact, I realized this was quite the opposite! It was what I thought of me. My sensitivity is my strength. Being sensitive is a feeling, it is my feeling and I am allowed to feel. I no longer feel the shame of being sensitive. The hormones, well I can only speak for myself when I say they make ME have all kinds of sensitive feelings. I act sensitive and yes, I do some crazy things! One thing I do know is that I no longer apologize for having this emotion called sensitivity.

This breast cancer journey has lead me to learn that I do love alone time. I used to hate being alone. I now enjoy being in my own company. I love the sound of no sound when I go for long car drives. Keeping the radio off instead of blasting it. Ahh yes, the silence is music to my ears! This is all part of my healing. I keep compassion and forgiveness in my heart. This is part of my self-care, self-healing and self-love.

Some days I do feel like screaming, Is this ever going to stop? The doctor appointments. Hearing about another diagnosis caused from chemo. Some days I say to myself maybe I shouldn’t have done chemo; it just keeps giving me gifts that I don’t particularly care for! I never asked for any gifts! My gifts from Chemo are I have developed Diabetes and an Auto Immune Disease. Yes, at times I feel this is just too much. Like I said, “NO more gifts!”

Then I take a moment to think. I have climbed through many trials in my life. I have suffered the climb. I feel a humbleness take over as I feel the wind, the warmth of the sun and this helps me to be able to continue to grow and continue my climb.

God wouldn’t give me what I can’t handle. I am learning to keep calm and how to quiet my soul. I have children and grandchildren who bless me. A husband who adores me and I adore him. A mother n law who I call my mom, good friends and so many blessings. I have love; I keep my spirit up and keep my faith strong.

One thing I do say to myself, over and over is: “Don’t ever give up”. There are days I say it to myself more than once. These three words have helped me to rebuild the person I am today.

I’ve learned along my breast cancer journey to stop being so hard on myself. The only way to live my best life is to CELEBRATE LIFE EVERYDAY!

People ask my advice, the most important advice I can give is:

Keep a calming perspective.

Every day is your day.

Don’t wait.

Don’t put things off.

Every day is a gift, keep creating memories.

Never break a promise to yourself.

Every day BE KIND to YOURSELF.

Today and every day is a celebration of your life!


Today I would love for you to help me celebrate my life the only way I know how, by helping others. Here are a few ways you can be a part of my CELBRATION OF 7 YEARS CANCER FREE.

You can register for our upcoming 2nd annual golf tournament...

Join our 5K Walk for a Cure...

Make a donation...

Thank you for your continued support & kindness. I wish you a lifetime of good health & blessings.

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