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Recovery Care Packages

This month we want you to see how your donations are helping patients recover even faster after breast cancer surgery. Every month we will be sending out 30 recovery care packages. These packages will provide healing, comfort and bring hope to all women while they are at home. In these packages, we will be providing a mastectomy pillow as patients are not supposed to use their arms to get up and down. These pillows will help to provide comfort for under the arms as the drains they have can tend to be extremely uncomfortable. A throw blanket, journal, pens,t-shirts & slippers. There will be chapstick, mints, coffee mug with teabags. Many patients develop severe sore throats due to being intubated for a long period of time during their surgical procedure. We at BGBCF want to make sure each and every patient's recovery is made as easy as possible. Aftercare is of the utmost importance.

The cost of each basket is $35.00. Your donation will help to provide baskets and aid in the patient's speedy recovery. Every basket will be delivered right to the patient's home. This gift donation will help many women recover. Below is a picture of the "Recovery Care Packages" your donations are providing. We thank you for all you do to make a difference for all families affected by breast cancer.

We wish all who are affected by breast cancer and have to undergo surgery a speedy recovery. We send you healing light, love, hope, and strength.

Please click here to make your "Recovery Gift Package" donation.

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