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Take time for yourself. Did you know Creating a self-care routine reduces anxiety, improves concentration and it can minimalize frustration? The best part of starting a self-care routine is that it can help to increase happiness and improve your energy! For many of us starting a self-care routine is so important. Learning self-care skills are a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle. A way to do this is by creating a space for yourself. Our workshops are therapeutic and aid in guiding you to do something you will love. This will help you to practice the skills as part of your everyday routine. Isn't it time for you? Self-care is NOT selfish.

Step into 2022 by feeling and understanding your limits, taking a break, doing things that you love & spending time with supportive people.

Below are our FREE online workshops that will help promote health, give support so you may continue to establish your self-care skills.

Sign up today~ Your self-care starts now!

Welcome Back!

We are excited for 2022...

Our free workshops are now open!

Starting off this month with self-care workshops.

EFT TAPPING Workshop ~ January 13, 2022 3:00PM -4:00 PM/ 5 Person Max for this class

Lois Kugler is a former international banker turned holistic coach. She is certified in EFT Tapping - a self-help method that involves gently tapping on acupuncture points while focusing on unwanted thoughts and feelings. Lois came to tapping through her own search to get lasting relief from stress and anxiety and she is excited to share this amazing technique that has truly transformed her life.

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Jan 18, 2022, 3:00 PM EST – Jan 19, 2022, 4:30 PM EST

What is Zentangle? The Zentangle Method is an easy, fun way to create art using deconstructed patterns.

Priscilla DeConti will guide you through this easy therapeutic drawing that will leave you feeling relaxed. This session will end with a beautiful piece of art created by you. Once you sign up a zoom link will be sent to your email.

It was invented by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts who believe that “Anything is possible –one stroke at a time” and that everyone is an artist. Priscilla DeConti, CZTRetired nurse who is now pursuing all things creative. Started practicing Zentangle®a a few years ago through a friend’s book. She now continues to enjoy her creative pursuits and teaching others about the benefits of Zentangle®. Basic Principles of Zentangle®There is no up or down is non-representationalElemental, deliberate strokesUnplannedNo mistakesFunand stress-free! Benefits of a Zentangle Practice• Confidence• Mindfulness• Inspiration• Relaxation• Awareness• Unburdening• New Perspective• Self-esteem and Empowerment

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Sending out Peace, love, kindness & gratitude. Have a beautiful day!

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