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How your donation makes a difference

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Meet Christine, she has stage 4 breast cancer. This means her cancer has metastasized. Her breast cancer has spread to her lung, stomach, liver and lymphnoids on the left side. She needed to start chemo but could not afford co- payments. She also had to have a 9 cm mass removed from her right chest wall.Christine is one of many women who have reached out for our help this year. Everywhere she turned during this pandemic she was told funding was closed at this time. We are happy to inform how your donations helped. Christine now could start chemo and remain in her home. Your donations helped pay her rent and co-pays. We thank you for your support.

We are hosting a zoom virtual yoga fundraiser. Click on the link for more details on our event. We thank you again for helping us so we may continue to help more strong amazing women like Christine. If you can not attend please click on our donation link. Thank you for taking the time to read Christine's story.

Yoga Registration Link

Donation Link

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